Dr. William K. Farrar, Jr., DDS, MDS

Dr. Farrar considers orthodontics an art rather than a science and he has been painting a picture of beautiful teeth for decades. Accomplishing the goals of a pleasing profile, beautiful teeth and a nice bite requires specialized skills (three years of orthodontic training after dental school, in his case) and specialized instruction (Master of Science of dentistry and a certificate in orthodontics), and above all, many years of experience. “Experience matters.”

Dr. Farrar was voted one of the top rated dentists and physicians by “Doctors in Your Community,” featured on the Today Show and The Late Night Show. He has been privileged to treat national politicians and their wives and children; scores of professionals (dentists, physicians, nurses, dental hygienists, dental assistants and their families); professional golfers and their families; televangelists; national actors and stand-up comedians; world class athletes; along with scores of everyday people, both adults and children. A Miss Cobb County, Miss Teen Georgia and Miss Nevada are among his patients, as well as a patient voted “best smile” at Harrison High School, 2010.

Dr. Farrar is an Honorary Alumnus of Brigham Young University and served for three years in Colorado as a Mission President for his church. The Atlanta Journal Constitution recognized him as an “Unsung Hero” for his accomplishments in table tennis, a national level champion. March 2009, Dr. Farrar married Debbie. They reside in Kennesaw. Together they have eight children, 16 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Dr. Farrar is a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, orthodontist, marathon runner, weekend golfer, author, inventor, lecturer, occasional skier and former church public communications director. Dr. Farrar is a man of many talents.

He has been on the cutting edge of his profession for decades. He was the first to utilize clear braces, first to utilize braces on the inside of the teeth and is an elite provider (the only one in Northwest Georgia) of Invisalign® (clear plastic trays).

Dr. Farrar utilizes the simplest, most patient-friendly appliances: no expansion appliances with keys to turn, no screws placed in the bones, no obtrusive headgears, no Herbst appliances, etc.

He welcomes the opportunity to provide a free consultation and encourages you to get a second and third opinion. He feels confident in his ability and the comfort level the staff provides on your first visit. Twenty thousand of your friends, family and neighbors have selected the “Farrar orthodontic experience.”