Collaborating with Local General Dentists

Dr. Brenna works closely with many general dentists near our West Cobb Orthodontics practice. She believes in the power of teamwork and the importance of a collaborative approach to dental care. By referring patients to skilled general dentists in the area, Dr. Brenna ensures that every patient receives the comprehensive dental care they deserve, conveniently located close to their homes.

Dr. Brenna's Dual Practice Commitment

In addition to her work at West Cobb Orthodontics, Dr. Brenna spends two days each week at her husband's general dentistry practice, Peach Dental, in Sandy Springs. This practice, about an hour away from West Cobb, allows Dr. Brenna and her husband to share their passion for dental care and maintain a family-owned feel across their separate practices.

Referral Practices

While Dr. Brenna does refer patients to her husband's practice for those who find Sandy Springs more convenient, it is important to note that she continues to collaborate and refer patients to many general dentists closer to West Cobb. Her dual practice commitment is designed to provide flexibility and convenience for patients without compromising the strong partnerships she has built with other local dentists.

Our Commitment to the Dental Community

Dr. Brenna's dedication to maintaining these valuable relationships is unwavering. She values the trust and collaboration with local dentists and strives to ensure that all patients receive the best possible care, regardless of where they live or which general dentist they prefer to see.

If you have questions about general dentistry services in your area, please contact us! You can also check out some of Peach Dental's services and information below.

Peach Dental's Comprehensive Dental Services Include:

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