Orthodontic Treatment with the Invisalign® Clear Aligner System

Orthodontic Treatment with the Invisalign® Clear Aligner System

If you desire a straighter smile without the use of a bulky metal and wire treatment, you are in luck. With the Invisalign® orthodontic aligner system, you can improve your smile with clear aligners. Not only do they work to straighten your teeth, but also to improve your oral hygiene, lessen your risk of oral injuries, all the while giving you the aesthetics of your natural smile even during treatment.

The most popular feature of Invisalign remains its amazing look. Invisalign was designed with a patented thermoplastic material that can easily be molded and crafted to suit your needs for a comfortable treatment that can potentially go unnoticed by your closest friends and family.

Another important feature of Invisalign is its ability to be removed at will. No longer do you have to seek out specific dietary plans when getting an orthodontic treatment. No food restrictions are necessary, as you can simply take out your aligners for meals, and snap them back into place when you are finished.

Invisalign can give you a set of straight teeth that are not only easier to clean but are also stronger too. Crooked teeth are much more susceptible to fracture and damage, and the effects of tooth enamel wear due to disorders such as bruxism are also increased. Invisalign can straighten your teeth and vastly lower your risk of oral injury.

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