When to Take Your Kids to the Orthodontist

When to Take Your Kids to the Orthodontist

Most children will need some sort of orthodontic treatment at a point in their lives. Orthodontic treatment can be costly, but if you get your children in at the opportune time, you can save time and money both and provide your children with a lifelong, brilliant smile.

But how do you when to take your children to the orthodontist?

The best bet is to ask your dentist when they think the time is right. Usually, once your children begin losing their baby teeth and adult teeth start coming in, you’ll want your children in to see an orthodontist. Usually, by age seven, you want your children to visit the orthodontist. Even if they’ve only lost one or two teeth at that point, the orthodontist will be able to see how the rest of your child’s teeth are entering their mouth and come up with a plan to handle the influx of new teeth in their mouth.

Now, you may get lucky and your children’s teeth will all come in straight and perfect. However, there are other issues an orthodontist can fix. Any sort of jaw problems, like an over or under bite, fall under the purview of an orthodontist.

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