Why Orthodontics Can Work for You

Why Orthodontics Can Work for You

Do you know the reasons why orthodontics is so compelling and encouraged? If not, then we can help you! Orthodontics can do more than align your teeth. They can also improve your oral health and the physical appearance of your smile.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Brenna Christensen , is able to help you with your orthodontic care. Additionally, our team in Kennesaw, Georgia, is happy to explain to you why orthodontics can work for you.

Here is a list of ways orthodontics can be beneficial to you:

  • Oral health enhancement: In the best alignment, your jaw, teeth, and gums are much healthier.
  • Lowers probabilities of cavities: With aligned teeth, it is easier to brush and floss them properly, reducing your chances of developing tooth decay.
  • Improve your self-esteem: Straight teeth in alignment appear attractive, increasing your self-confidence.
  • Lowers risk of TMJ difficulties: Orthodontics can decrease your chances of developing conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder which can be painful.
  • Reduces risk of dental damage: Having ideal alignment can help your teeth avoid being cracked, chipped or injured from other neighboring teeth or accidents.

If you still have questions about orthodontics and if they are right for you, please call West Cobb Orthodontics today and schedule an appointment at (678) 401-4321. Our team of experts is proud to assist you and give you an aligned smile you can admire and be proud of.

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