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Patient Care

We are known for the superior level of service we provide and the excellent results achieved. A high level of caring between patient, family and our orthodontist is vital to the ultimate success. At West Cobb Orthodontics, we set high standards of excellence for ourselves and for our patients. We have found that technical skills and good communication go hand-in-hand to create the best possible result. Along with attention to every detail, we believe that it is important to treat each patient individually in a pleasant atmosphere.


The technological advances made in the science of orthodontics have made treatment more efficient. We use state-of-the-art technology that allows us to treat out patients more comfortably and conveniently than ever before.


In keeping with our commitment to provide our patients with the very best orthodontic treatment available, we have taken great measures to ensure that our sterilization program meets or exceeds OSHA standards of care. We wear protective gloves while working on patients and use a new pair for every patient. Protective eyewear and mask are also worn for those procedures that warrant their use. Whenever possible, disposable items are used. When this is not feasible, the latest sterilization techniques are utilized.

All instruments are mechanically cleaned and placed in our state-of-the art sterilization units. All exposed surfaces in the treatment area are constantly cleaned and treated with the very best surface disinfectants. Disposable plastic covers are used wherever possible.

All employees have received extensive training in sterilization procedures and welcome any questions your might have about it. We are committed to providing our patients with a safe environment for orthodontic treatment in Kennesaw, Georgia. When it comes to the care of you and your children, we feel that you deserve the very best!


Most people seeking orthodontic treatment have other important obligations during the day. Active patients are seen approximately every four to eight weeks. Some of these appointments will conflict with work or school, however we have devoted considerable time and effort in designing our scheduling system. As you can imagine, a well-organized schedule requires considerable structure, tempered with flexibility.

Here is what we want to do:

  • See you on time for your appointment
  • Have adequate time during each appointment to do the necessary procedures
  • Answer questions and update your treatment progress

Our Approach

Emergencies and longer appointments are scheduled during school hours. This way, late afternoon appointments are not committed to one or two patients, but rather are scheduled to accommodate as many families as possible. We rotate morning and afternoon appointments to make it fair for everyone. If you should ever wish to come to our office during a quieter time, please ask to schedule an appointment during morning hours. Because the schedule is carefully crafted, late arrival can pose a problem. In fairness to other scheduled patients, please be on time.

During your treatment with Dr. William K. Farrar, Jr., there are times when the adjustments are completed quickly even though they may be quite technical. We have tried to design treatment methods that limit your inconvenience.

Rescheduling Appointments

We ask for at least 72 hours notice to reschedule an appointment, as we have set aside time to accommodate your specific needs. Missed appointments will result in a charge to your account. Our goal in rescheduling your appointment is to keep your treatment progressing on time. Waiting for a convenient after-school appointment can delay treatment.

Feel free to call our office at 678-401-4321 if you have questions about our office policies.